“Gordon responds to Picente’s hiring of David Catalfamo, Economic Director”

(Utica, NY….02/24/2019)….Candidate for Oneida County Executive David J. Gordon today responded to current County Executive Anthony Picente’s hiring of David Catalfamo by saying, “Are you kidding me?”


Gordon went on to question the County Executive’s motives.


“First off, the County Executive yet again creates another duplication in positions by hiring an economic director at the same time the taxpayers are already footing the bill to fund Mohawk Valley Edge which was sold to the people as the economic development organization. What then does Steve DiMeo and Edge actually do?” Asked Gordon.


Gordon also went on to talk about Catalfamo and his credentials.


“Here you have a guy who is at retirement age, has worked with Picente in the past attributing to many of the failures we have seen in New York including the loss of jobs and people; plus, the increase of taxation and liberal agenda spending. Now you have a guy making $92,000.00 a year plus benefits continuing to pilfer the system with his crony Tony Picente. Enough is enough.”


Gordon said, if elected he would immediately eliminate the position as well as scrap Mohawk Valley Edge to stave off unnecessary costs that yield little to no results and would ultimately find a lesser expensive alternative to these wastefully liberal positions.


“People know I am a conservative. I was ranked the number one conservative as a legislator. They expect me to continue homing in on wasteful spending and putting an end to it.”





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“Gordon responds to Picente’s State of the County Address”


(Utica, NY….03/06/2019)….Candidate for Oneida County Executive David J. Gordon today responded to current County Executive Anthony Picente’s State of the County Address.


In his 45 minute speech, the county executive touted his administration’s “fiscal accountability” having held the line on property taxes for the past 5 years.


“The county executive’s assertion that his administration has been fiscally accountable to the taxpayers couldn’t be any further from the truth. When the county executive took office in 2006 the debt service amount paid annually was around 12 million while today it is nearly doubled at 23 million. Instead of using the checkbook, the county executive has used the credit card putting Oneida County nearly a billion dollars in debt and continuing to drive people out of Oneida County.”


Gordon also blasted the county executive on his “blatant lie” to the people that the U-District including the Nexus Center would produce 27 million in annual revenue.


“Unless the county executive is adding a tax-exempt casino downtown, which 99% of the people don’t want, you are never going to have 1000 jobs and 27 million in annual revenue from a high school tournament soccer field. This is similar to his promise that Nano was coming bringing in 1000 jobs. It never happened and never will. The Nexus Center, 22 million paid for by the taxpayers while it will create a great venue for high school tournaments, it will not produce more than 20 jobs and yield little to no money for our community.”


Gordon said, the time to reduce spending and reduce taxes is now.


“Unless and until we treat the disease which is this liberal tax and spend agenda by this administration, we will never keep people in Oneida County. More than 4,000 people have left Oneida County since 2010 and this trend will continue under this same mindset”


Gordon also blasted the downtown hospital concept for its use of eminent domain by the county.


“Using eminent domain to take property from taxpaying private citizens to give to a private entity goes completely against our founding principles.”


Gordon also called out the cost to taxpayers.


“Uticans will be on the hook for 50 million dollars while people in Rome, who promote the Rome Hospital will be on the hook for 25 million dollars to cover these costs. It is fiscally irresponsible and completely immoral. The hospital should be built at the St. Luke’s campus.”








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“Gordon to Picente, you are no Republican, change your party now”


(Utica, NY….04/05/2019)….Former Oneida County Legislator and current Republican Candidate for Oneida County Executive David J. Gordon today mailed a letter to Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente urging him to change parties.


“While people are suffering job loss and economic disadvantage from this liberal County Executive’s agenda, I am seeing first hand the fear in people’s eyes that they may be forced to leave Oneida County for better opportunity and tax relief,” said Gordon


Gordon pointed to Picente’s priorities in his letter and the devastating effects that they have had on people.


“While the County Executive is pumping out sunscreen at the beach in April, people are literally working two jobs to make ends meet. This guy has completely lost his mind on what normal everyday people are suffering with. I am a candidate for and of the people and I can assure them, I will be everything that Picente is not,” stated Gordon.


Gordon is running a primary against Picente. In 2012, Gordon was ranked the #1 Conservative on the Oneida County Board of Legislator.




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“Gordon to Board of Elections, I will sue for negligence and potential fraud”


(Utica, NY….04/11/2019)….Former Oneida County Legislator and current Republican Candidate for Oneida County Executive David J. Gordon today hand delivered a letter to Board of Elections Republican Commissioner Rose Grimaldi and copied many others expressing his intent to sue if certain things did or didn’t happen this year during the primary election.


“My initiative is to ensure that the process is fair, legal and properly executed,” said Gordon.


Gordon stated in his letter that last your illegal voters placed ballots in the machines.


“My campaign has obtained evidence that the Oneida County Board of Elections did not do their job as prescribed under the law to protect the 2018 General Election from election fraud and proper oversight. Affidavit ballots also known as “provisional ballots” were digitally coded by the board of elections to be accepted in the ballot machines even though these ballots should not have been able to be accepted during the actual election until the requested voter be validated at a later date and time. In this situation, ballots were fraudulently cast and counted for an unknown candidate,” stated Gordon.


Gordon also expressed concern over the envelopes that contained absentee ballots.


“Additionally, during the recanvas process and upon request of viewing the original envelopes that absentee ballots had been placed and mailed with postmark, we learned that the original envelopes had been discarded by the board employees. This is an unacceptable practice as during the recanvas the validity of the ballot and its contents being counted is based significantly on the date it was postmarked. Not having the original envelope puts each campaign at a significant disadvantage on complete validation and confirmation of a truly transparent process,” said Gordon.


Gordon faces current County Executive Anthony Picente in a June 25th Primary.





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“Gordon questions legality and motive behind Picente’s Involvement in Oneida Nation movement into Sylvan Beach”


(Utica, NY….04/17/2019) …. Former Oneida County Legislator and current Republican Candidate for Oneida County Executive David J. Gordon is requesting information about the County Executive’s involvement in the Oneida Indian Nation’s move into Sylvan Beach.


“Our campaign has been informed that the Oneida County Executive appears to be acting on behalf of the Oneida Indian Nation trying to persuade the Town of Vienna to sign a hold harmless type document in which the town will not sue the nation for their acquisition of land in the Village of Sylvan Beach ultimately evading taxation. Picente has reportedly offered $100,000.00 in taxpayer money to get the job done for the Oneida Nation,” announced Gordon.


Gordon wants answers.


“The County Executive is supposed to represent the people of Oneida County including the Town of Vienna. It doesn’t surprise me given that he has been working side by side with Oneida Nation representative Ray Halbriter for over a decade to destroy the Oneida County tax base. I want to know who he thinks he is?” demanded Gordon.


Gordon points out Picente’s newest endeavor with Halbriter as blatantly obvious.


“The County Executive doesn’t represent the people of Oneida County. He crushed the Town of Vernon, Verona and the City of Sherrill and just like a cockroach does after they have consumed an entire area, they move on to other areas to invade. The Town of Vienna is next,” explained Gordon.


Gordon compared the acquisition of property by the Nation as a Napoleon style takeover.


“Oneida County is a mini version of land acquisition like we saw in France during the ruling of Napoleon. The only difference is, that the people that are supposed to be our allies are actually working against us with the people who want our property,” proclaimed Gordon.


Gordon says that it is time for the people in places like Vienna to stand their ground and put an end to Picente’s rein of power.


“As your next County Executive this dictator style of governing will end. I will put the power back in the hands of the people,” said Gordon.







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“Gordon to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights”


(Utica, NY….04/22/2019) …. Former Oneida County Legislator and current Republican Candidate for Oneida County Executive David J. Gordon said today that if elected he will propose legislation to protect and expand individual rights to bear arms in Oneida County.


“As your next County Executive, I will push for some of the most comprehensive local laws that will not only protect and defend our right to bear arms but will expand and ensure that those who follow the legal process to obtain a firearm will be afforded the right to carry their pistol to protect and defend themselves at all times,” stated Gordon.

Gordon went on to offer a 3-point plan to his initiative.

“The first point is to allow all County Pistol License holders to carry their weapon concealed, which is state law however they would carry unrestricted. I will push to remove all restrictions on pistol licenses in Oneida County. Currently, the Oneida County Pistol licensing officer, a staunch liberal judge, restricts more than 50% of the license holders to hunting and target practice only. Under my administration, we will introduce legislation that removes these restrictions and restores a true second amendment to the people of Oneida County,” proclaimed Gordon.

Gordon went on to outline his 2nd point.

“My 2nd point, will be to hire a conservative minded, pro 2nd amendment, full time pistol licensing officer that replaces the current part time one. This full-time position will not only make the application process faster, but it will also provide greater accessibility and oversight to the position itself,” Gordon explained.

In his final and most aggressive point, Gordon outlined his 3rd point initiative to make Oneida Count a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. Gordon read a draft piece of draft legislation which included Oneida County adopting a resolution to eliminate enforcement that has been adopted to infringe upon law-abiding gun owners right to bear arms.

“New York State with the passage of the Safe Act and the newly passed Red Flag law has essentially disregarded our constitutional rights and criminalized law-abiding citizens. This must and will end in Oneida County,” said Gordon.

Gordon also supplied the draft resolution for the County to act on once elected.

Gordon is collecting signatures for an Independent Line called, 2nd Amendment Party for the November General Election which is held on Nov. 5th this year.





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“Gordon, Build Mohawk Valley Medical Technology Park at Failed Marcy Nano Center”


(Utica, NY….04/29/2019) …. Former Oneida County Legislator and current Republican Candidate for Oneida County Executive David J. Gordon today outlined why Nano failed and what should be done next.


“Nano Utica, one of the largest scams ever sold to the people of Oneida County in an effort to re-elect and realign our local political efforts with that of the state’s which failed miserably. Officials knew all along that AMS was never coming to Utica. In fact, in 2013 as a County Legislator, I voted against millions of dollars in County taxpayer bonding for this very project,” said Gordon


Gordon pointed to oppressive taxes, crumbling infrastructure, lack of air transportation and lack of skilled workforce as to why Nano didn’t come.


“The average property tax to value is 2.3%. This means that the average person is paying nearly double the taxes of those living in Westchester County. Oneida County has one of the highest sales tax rates in not just New York but around the country. All the smart people are leaving NY not coming to it. At Rome Lab, they are having a hard time filling 70 available positions,” proclaimed Gordon.


Gordon believes the best option for the community is to utilize the site and building for a new Medical Technology Park which would include the proposed downtown Utica Hospital. Gordon called it an economic healing process.


“With the potential loss of 31 taxpaying property owners by use of eminent domain, and the taxpayers on the hook for over 50 million dollars for parking alone, it is time to start using our brains to make decisions. As your next county executive, I will work with the State of New York and MVHS to move this project away from downtown and into this already developed space here at the failed Nano Building and shovel ready site,” Gordon explained.





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“Gordon Responds to Picente’s Surplus, It’s a Scam”


(Utica, NY….04/30/2019)….Former Oneida County Legislator and current Republican Candidate for Oneida County Executive David J. Gordon today blasted Picente for his assertion that Oneida County had a 2018 budgetary surplus.


“Politicians like Phony Tony have continued to issue these fake surplus reports to the people. You don’t really have a surplus when you bond for tens of millions of dollars on the backs of the taxpayer’s year in and year out. This is more of a political Ponzi scheme. When the money runs out and you can’t pay back your debt, the whole bottom falls out. Another four years of this and the bottom is sure to fall out,” stated Gordon


Gordon also told Picente to man up on his claims that he has been fiscally responsible over his tenure.


“This County Executive has bonded for more money than the last 5 County Executives combined. When he took office in 2006, the annual debt service was just over 9 million dollars. Today, it is nearly 23 million dollars. This means instead of using the checkbook throughout the Picente tenure, he has been maxing out the credit cards. He’s been running a financial scam for years,” said Gordon.


Gordon also explained bond rating.


“The more credit you use, the higher your “bond rating”. This just means if you are fiscally irresponsible, continue to charge debt to the credit card and you are making the annual minimum payments, you are ultimately getting a higher bond rating and leaving a mess for people like me to clean up once you are gone,” proclaimed Gordon.


Gordon said in a few weeks he will be issuing his 2021 budget proposal which would include reducing property taxes by 5% over the course of 4 consecutive years for a total reduction of 20% and reducing the sales tax by .5% to 8.25%.


“We have no other choice but to cut taxes. People can’t afford it. They are being taxed out of their homes.  Holding the line as Picente asserts on taxes isn’t actually doing anything except making people wait for the next increase,” Gordon explained.


“I will cut taxes!” yelled Gordon





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