Campaign Platform and promise to you

  1. Reduce the Oneida County Sales Tax from 8.75% to 8.25% - making us competitive with our neighboring counties. (without increasing property taxes)

  2. Exercise Fiscal Conservatism - by ending use of taxpayer monies for projects that are for-profit entities. i.e. Nano buildings, restaurants, sporting venues etc.

  3. Cut the Oneida County Budget and reduce the Tax Levy - which would support a true “no tax increase” style of governing. This would stop increases in equalization rates which have driven up the taxes for many towns and cities.

  4. Convert the Oneida County Board of Legislators into the Oneida County Board of Supervisors - by means of public referendum.

  5. Propose Term Limits - on all elected positions in Oneida County government including the County Executive, Comptroller, Sherriff, District Attorney, Clerk and all legislators. When a legislator is termed out the position is then changed to a Supervisor.

  6. Change hands at the Pistol Office – Hire and staff competent individuals who are conservative minded and pro second amendment.

  7. Bring back the Coroners System – This will allow for government transparency and for our money to stay local.

  8. Promote our Agriculture and Support our Farmers – By including more public market opportunities and keeping our taxes low, farmers can stay in our local area and continue to raise livestock and find opportunities to sell at local market.

  9. Support Conservative Minded Candidates – I will support and defend our conservative values and candidates denouncing the liberal agenda of the Democrats which includes debating Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other Democratic liberal officeholders.

  10. Renegotiate Terms of the OIN Agreement and or look for ways to revert to the Sherrill Decision – Currently the State of New York is the one benefiting while Oneida County and the surrounding towns and city of Vernon, Verona and Sherrill have lost so much. I will recalculate a formal for the property taxes in these areas and appropriate more money to these local municipalities. We will look at “duress” as one of the contributing factors of the OIN Agreement and seek legal council on renegotiation of terms and conditions including vacating our agreement and or coming to better terms to offset what we would truly get from taxation.

  11. Consolidation – Through a smart, nonpolitically motivated approach that includes the preservation of identity of one’s community, we will find ways to consolidate which will eliminate duplications in service saving taxpayer’s money.

  12. Open and Honest Government – I will exercise the use of Public Referendum as means to changing several identifying issues in Oneida County. I will look to the voters to make the ultimate decision on many of the ideas I put forward.

  13. NO MORE BONDING – I will look to eliminate bonding ultimately relying on a conservative foundation that believes, “If we don’t have it, then we can’t afford it.”

  14. Fix Services – Looking at services like the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and finding ways to make them more profitable and user friendly will be a big push of my administration that doesn’t include raising any fees or creating any new positions.

David J. Gordon for Oneida County Executive All Rights Reserved